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Tyred Web Design is me - Paul Waddell.  I am a freelance web designer & developer. Mostly, that means I design web sites, and then develop them - i.e. write the code, take care of web hosting, get them live, optimise them for search engines etc., generally everything that is needs to be done with the project.

Why tyres?  Well for the last 39 years I've been in the retail tyre business. Starting as a tea maker / tyre fitter with Firestone Tyre & Auto Service & progressing through just about every position going.  The first tyres I sold were 5.20x14 India Autoway, now that's showing my age!  For the last 30 years computers & computer systems management have been a part of my responsibilities & I've experienced each operating system since Windows for workgroups 3.1.

Now employed in internet tyre sales during the day, I enjoy computer design during my free time & take great pleasure in seeing an attractive finished site on the internet.  As web design is not my main job, I have no overheads, staff or expenses to pass on to my customers, so you get a web site at a fraction of the price you may pay other developers.


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