Tyred Web Design

Your own web site on the internet from £195*

Hosting your site * £75 per year
Set up fee * £12
Domain Name:  yourbusiness.co.uk * £17 per 2 years
Domain Name:  yourbusiness.com £30 per 2 years
1 Page site * £100
1 to 4 extra pages £40 per page
5 pages or more £35 per page
Bespoke pages P.O.A.

Here's where Tyred Web Design is different for other web developers: 

you DON'T PAY A PENNY until you can see your site on the internet & say that you are completely satisfied!

All pages are personalised for your company & modified as necessary ( included in the price). 

If you provide your company logo it can be included at no extra charge. 

Extra pages can be added later at the above rates.

You will have to provide photographs if required.


Web hosting allows you to put your website online, so anyone on the internet can visit it. Your website will be kept on a computer which is permanently connected to the Internet. Our web servers are managed by one of the largest internet hosting companies in the U.K. with very fast Internet connections - so your site will be quick.

Domain Names
Your domain name is your unique web address, like google.com or yahoo.com. Your domain name is your online brand.

Included with your hosting is up to 10 personalised email addresses. The ideal email address is short, simple & logical. Using your own domain name makes it easy for others to email you and remember your address.  Your emails will be subject to anti spam filters which successfully block 98% of spam whilst also eliminating viruses, worms and other unwanted threats.

Search Engines

The Internet doesn't have a phone book; instead it has search engines. People type in the subject they're looking for, and get a list of websites. We'll enter your website in the major search engines, so new visitors will find you. Your web pages also include features to get you up the listings.

We will submit your site to Google, Yahoo! and the other important search engines. It will take a few months before your site appears in the listings, and while we promise to do our best, we can’t guarantee inclusion on any particular search engine.


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